Tuesday 22 November 2011

Montage: The Abstract~Visionary Photography of Michael F Wolik

image - Quetzalcoatl

Michael F Wolik's reflection montage work is a culmination of artistic, natural, psychological, mystical and religious explorations. The reflections represent personal experiences as well as possible insights into the collective unconscious. The montages are created by reflecting abstract nature photographs without use of layering or filter manipulations. From capture to reflection my process requires minimal use of photoshop.

Everglade Montage 7

Waterfall Montage 9

Waterfall Montage 4

Metamorphosis II

PR Sand Montage 6 - Skull and Tooth Liturgy

PR Sand Montage 10 - Rain Deer Stone

PR Sand Montage 24 - Collective Parallels

PR Sand Montage 2

PR Salt Flat Montage 21 - "Universal Mind"

PR Salt Flat Montage 36

Frost Mandala Montage 3

Wide Styled Ice Montage 5

Frost Montage Triptych 5 - "Atlantean Pyramid"

Esoteric Language

All images © Michael F Wolik

used with permission of artist

To view many more astounding images and to read further on the philosophy and process of the montage photography visit the website ~ 



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