Saturday 11 December 2010

#the Human Chimaera: ms preview ~ Shuker & Paciorek

Featured below are a small selection of the 115+ illustrations produced by Andy Paciorek for the currently in progress manuscript 'The Human Chimaera : Sideshow Prodigies and Other Exceptional People' by Andy Paciorek and Dr Karl Shuker.

Portrait of Dick Hilburn ~ The Quarter Man

Gabrielle Fuller ~ The Living Half Woman

John Dougs ~ Nicodemus the Indescribable

Horace Ridler ~ The Great Omi : Zebra Man

Esther Blackmon ~ The Alligator Skinned Woman

Louis Coulon ~ A Beard of Distinction

The Chimaera Project - phase III. Chimera Carnivale 
Those who are not like others ...
To see the still images featured in this video with explanatory text visit -
artwork © Andy Paciorek
music - "Í Gær" by Sigur Ros

(The original small project that has been adapted & developed into The Human Chimaera ms.)

Karl Shuker website -


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