Friday 29 April 2011

The Beautiful~ Grotesque inventory : November 2010 - April 2011

I have noticed that the archives and tags settings on this blog are not always bringing up all results every time, so here is a list of all blog posts to date.

2011 (part I)


April 2011


The Art of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Gatefold: Art of the album cover

The Art of Frank Cadogan Cowper

The Art of Gustave Moreau

Classics of Fantastic Fiction

Happy Easter ..Eostre ..Oestra ..Ostera (Oh just passover the title ☺)

The Art of Crucifixion

The Art of Caitlin Karolczak

A Taste of Black Earth

Magic Retold (novels)

The Art of Cynthia Lund Torroll

The Art of Paul Rumsey II

Sarita Vendetta: Visions of Struwwelpeter

Heinrich Hoffman's Shock Headed Peter

Weird Entities of Advertising

Public Information Films

Books Available

Carlos Schwabe: La Vague

Books in Planning / Production

Cat Constipation and Goblins


March 2011

Children of the Night : Glikman / Paciorek

Oak Men

Folklore and Other Strange Happenings

The Revelata of Glikman~Paciorek part I

The Alphabet of Crones

The Ballad of the Rat King

The Rye Wolf and the Tit Wife : Tales of Ergotism

The Legend of Sawney Bean


February 2011

The Art of Vrubel and Vasnetsov

The Art of Ivan Bilibin

The Banished Demons of Dragan Bibin

The Arrival of Shaun Tan

Drew Friedman : Sideshow Freaks

The Art of Derren Brown

Kings of Quirk: Gorey, Addams & Burton

Comics Not For Kids

The Fallen Art of Tomasz Baginski

WOJCIECH NOWAKOWSKI: The Art of Voytek (in tribute)

Strange Lands : A Field Guide to the Celtic Otherworld

The Art of Artus Scheiner

The Art of Kain White


January 2011-

The Art of Julia H Jeffrey

The Art of Brian Froud

The Art of Zeljko Tonsic

The Art of John Anster Fitzgerald

Cumbrian Cthulhu

The Art of Juri Jakovenko : Искусство Юрия Яковенко

Visions of the Undead II: Various Artists

Visions of the Undead I : Various Artists

Dreamers' Dreams: Visions of Lovecraft II

Strange Aeons: Visions of Lovecraft I

Natural Philosophy : The Art of Ernst Haeckel

The Colours of Infinity : The Fractal Art of Potokar & Hyde

The Temptations of Saint Anthony : Various Artists

Visions of Faust II : Various Artists

Visions of Faust I : Clarke, Delacroix and Dali

The Sleep of Reason :Goya - Etchings

Galatea : Various Artists

VISIONARY ART GALLERY- Song of the Stars : Various Artists

The Art of Karena A. Karras and the Exquisite Corpses

Femme Surreal

Femme Fantastique

The Art of Evelyn De Morgan

the Art of Artemisia Gentileschi



December 2010

Out with the Old : Various Artists

Apocalypse : Bocklin, Danby & Stecyznski

The Revelation of Gustave Dore

The Apocalypse of Albrecht Durer

The Apocalypse and Revelation of William Blake

Christmas Dinner : Paul Rumsey


Shamanic Santa

The Art of Takato Yamamoto

Japanese Ghosts and Goblins : Various Artists

Yuki-Onna : Various Artists

Bacchus, Bacchanalia and Saturnalia : Various Artists

Circe : Various Artists

The Lyre of Orpheus : Various Artists

Pandemonium : Various Artists

Love of the Gods : Agostino Carracci or Camillo Procaccino

Danse Macabre : Various Artists

A Pestilence of Plague Doctors

The Art of Larkin

The Art of Dr Steg & Stegorek

As Strange As It Seems : Sideshow Banner Art

The Art of Alex CF

The Human Chimaera: ms preview ~ Shuker & Paciorek

Rogue Taxidermy : Potter, Brewer & Bibus

The Art of Madame Talbot

The Art of James Mundie

Tod Browning's Freaks

The Art of Alfred Kubin

Morgaine Art

The Art of Käthe Kollwitz

The Art of Denis Kostromitin

Medusa Complex : Visions of the Gorgon


November 2010

 Bohemian Decadence

Bohemian Decadence part II

The Art of Léon Spilliaert

The Faerie Art of Richard Dadd

The Art of Oleg Korolev

Falero and Penot

Welden Hawkins and Vedder


Visions of Poe

Visions of Poe II

Gustave Dore: Paintings

The Art of Nicholas Kalmakoff

Sztuka Symbolizmu Polski

The Art of Victor Soren

Le Voyage dans la Lune : the Méliès Brothers

Blue Moon : A tribute to La Luna

The Art of Santiago Caruso

The Art of Franz Von Stuck

The Illusion of Life in Death: István Orosz and Other Skullduggery

Bromse, Sime & Steiner Prag : Graphic Art

The Art of George Frederick Watts

The Art of Jean Delville

The Art of Norman Lindsay

The Art of Louis Moe

The Art of John Martin

The Art of Nestor de la Torre

Waterhouse and Klimt: Drawings

The Art of Max Klinger

The Art of Alberto Martini

Pipe Dreams

A Flowering of Evil : Three Visions of Baudelaire

The Art of Edward Robert Hughes

The Art of Zeng Hao Dun Huang

Castalian Visions

Feline Familiars : A Tribute to Cats

Dennis Potokar: Black Drawings

Kuniyoshi: Nightmares of the Floating World

The Solstitial Bridge of Breck Outland

The Alien Zoo of Dr. Shuker

Two Visions of Frankenstein

The Trees of Rackham (ruined?)

Decadent Dreaming

Drawing Blood: The Vampires of Andy Paciorek

The Art of Austin Osman Spare

The Art of Vania Zouravliov

The Blood on Satan's Claw

Visionary Art Yearbook 2010 - 2011

The Art of Paul Rumsey

Andy Paciorek : The Chimaera Project

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