Monday 4 April 2011


The following books featuring artwork by Andy Paciorek are currently available ...






Title: 'Strange Lands: A Field Guide to the Celtic Otherworld'  written by Andrew L. Paciorek

Details: A compendium of many weird entities and beasts from Celtic, British, Irish and Breton lore.

Over 170 b/w illustrations - all Andy Paciorek. Many full page spreads.

Available from : Blurb.






Title: 'Alien Zoo' written by Dr Karl Shuker

Details: A fascinating anthology of anamolous animals and cryptozoology articles and features.

6 insert or full-page b/w illustrations by Andy Paciorek + lots of other artwork by John Audobon, Ernst Haekel & more

Available from: Amazon and other bookstores






Title: 'Visionary Art Yearbook' edited by Otto Rapp

Details: A stunning selection of visionary, surreal and fantastic artworks (colour and b/w) taken from the VAG network.

3 sepia drawings by Andy Paciorek + work by scores more living artists.

Available from : Blurb






Title: 'The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures' written by John and Caitlin Matthews

Details: A huge lexicon of monsters and fantastic beasts.

B/W section headings, vignettes and feature borders throughout by Andy Paciorek.

Available from: Amazon and other bookstores






Title: 'The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays' written by Theresa Cheung

Details: A day by day astrological study of personalities and birth associations.

366 silhouette title headers by Andy Paciorek

Available from: Amazon and other bookstores





Title: 'The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires' written by Theresa Cheung. 

Details: A massive A-Z of the undead in traditional lore, fiction, media and subculture.

Numerous b/w vignettes and section headings throughout

Available from Amazon and other bookstores





Title:' Biblio Vampiro' written by Dr Bob Curran

Details: A good study of Vampire legend and lore aimed at a younger audience.

Single colour full page illustration by Andy Paciorek + work by numerous other artists including Gustave Dore and Kuniyoshi.

Available from: Amazon and other bookstores


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