Friday 31 August 2012

Jugend : Various Artists

Note: I do not know the creators of all pieces so only individual artworks are singularly credited

R. Max Einchler

W.Schade ~Weisse Ostern [White Easter] from Jugend Magazine,1896

(Willhelm Schade x 2)

(Alfred Zimmerman)

(Max Klinger x2)

(C. Loemer)

(J.R. Witzel x 4)

(Fidus x 5)

(Alois Kolb)

(Otto Seitz)

(Valere Bernard)

(Max Wilcensus)

(J.R. Witzel x 3)

(Leo Putz)



  1. Thank you for this interesting, not common blog, plenty of beautiful pictures! :)

  2. i needed a bigger screen while scrolling down, so many beautiful artworks