Saturday 26 November 2011

Blog Inventory : May to November 2011

Blog Inventory 3

2011 part 2

May to November


November 2011


The Art of Nazareno Dalla Chiana


Montage: The Abstract~Visionary Photography of Michael F Wolik


From The Vaults of The Victorian Vampire Society


Ciclul Labirintul : Marcel Chirnoaga


Dust : Olivier Valsecchi


The Company of Wolves

October 2011


Horror-Fest for All Hallows. 2011 : Movies


Horror-Fest for All Hallows. 2011 : Literature


Vintage Halloween Cards : Various Artists


Simon Marsden : Haunted Camera


Tim Burton's Vincent


The Art of Travis Louie


The Art of Paul Rumsey III


The Art of Vania Zouravliov II




The Art of Jan Frans De Boever


Vintage Spirit Photography

September 2011


The Art of Jacques de Gheyn


The Art of Gillray & Rowlandson


The Erotic Ex-Libris of Alphonce Inoue


Secret Gardens: Various Artists selected by Balcan ~ Paciorek


The Art of M C Escher


M C Escher : Documentary


Zdzisław Beksiński ~



The Art of Mervyn Peake


The Art of Aron Wiesenfeld

August 2011


The Art of Daria Endresen


Witches & Wolves: Presented by Balcan~Paciorek


The Art of Ghislaine de Menten de Horne


The Art of Norman Lindsay III


The Art of Norman Lindsay II


The Art of Theodor von Holst


The Erotic Art of Nikolay Fomin


The Erotic Art of Gerda Wegener

July 2011


The Art of Ferdinand Hodler


The Art of Khalil Gibran


Anne W Brigman : Photography

June 2011


The Art of Fuseli : part III


The Art of Fuseli : part II


The Art of Fuseli: part I


The Art of Arcimboldo


Strange Perceptions II : The Art of Optical Illusion


Strange Perceptions I : The Art of Optical Illusion


The Art of Walton Ford


Ken Reid: World Wide Weirdies


The Art of A. Paul Weber


The Exquisite Corpses of McKain, Dumaine, Singla & Associates


The Art of Alfred Kubin II


The Art of Felicien Rops


Peripheral Visions fulfilled


Odd Nerdrum : Paintings


The Philosophy of Time Travel


Max Ernst : A Week of Kindness


Pablo Picasso : Blue & Rose


The Art of Fernand Khnopff


The Decadent Art of Apoux, Schulz & Greiner


More Peripheral Visions


The Art of John Charles Dollman


Luminous Decay : Andy Paciorek Interview


Nymphs & Sirens : Various Artists


The Art of Austin Osman Spare II


Female Flesh : The Art of Albert Von Keller


Louis Breton : Dictionnaire Infernal


Archaic Anomalies and Sea Monks : The Art of Schedel & Gesner

May 2011


The Art of Emile Bayard


The Art of Hans Memling


The Art of Gaston Bussiere


the beautiful~grotesque


The Mindscape of Alan Moore


The Art of Anatoly Fomenko : Presented by Denis Forkas Kostromitin


The Art of Mia Mäkilä


The Art of Egon Schiele


Peripheral Visions Galleries


Visions of Ophelia : Various Artists


The Nocturnes of Grimshaw & Whistler


The Art of Sam Weber


The Art of France Mihelic: Presented by Félix Lachance


John Wyndham and other literary doomsayers


The Art of Richard A Kirk


Insect & Arachnid Art


The Art of Marco Mazzoni




Strange Reality: The Photography of Arbus, Schneider & Zownir


Urban Dreams: The Art of Milton, Trignac and Piranesi


Engraved by the Dalaziel Brothers


A Taste of Black Earth II


The Castalian Visions of Erik Heyninck


The Finding of Tetsuya Ishiida: Presented by Boris Glikman


The Grotesque Bodies of Bordese & Oldeboerrigter : Presented by Christian De Boeck


Extreme Crafting : Presented by Madame Talbot


Raccoon Dogs & Grotesque Shunga : Presented by Paul Rumsey


Visions of the Ancient Mariner : Peake, Pogany & Dore


Visions of Sleep Paralysis and Old Hag Syndrome : various artists


The Art of Fidus


Flesh and Ink : The art of Beardsley, Blaine and Von Bayros


Dreamers of Decadence & Idols of Perversity


The Perseus Cycle : Edward Burne Jones


The Art of Leon Frederic


For The Children of the Beltane: The Art of John Duncan


Friday 25 November 2011

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Montage: The Abstract~Visionary Photography of Michael F Wolik

image - Quetzalcoatl

Michael F Wolik's reflection montage work is a culmination of artistic, natural, psychological, mystical and religious explorations. The reflections represent personal experiences as well as possible insights into the collective unconscious. The montages are created by reflecting abstract nature photographs without use of layering or filter manipulations. From capture to reflection my process requires minimal use of photoshop.

Everglade Montage 7

Waterfall Montage 9

Waterfall Montage 4

Metamorphosis II

PR Sand Montage 6 - Skull and Tooth Liturgy

PR Sand Montage 10 - Rain Deer Stone

PR Sand Montage 24 - Collective Parallels

PR Sand Montage 2

PR Salt Flat Montage 21 - "Universal Mind"

PR Salt Flat Montage 36

Frost Mandala Montage 3

Wide Styled Ice Montage 5

Frost Montage Triptych 5 - "Atlantean Pyramid"

Esoteric Language

All images © Michael F Wolik

used with permission of artist

To view many more astounding images and to read further on the philosophy and process of the montage photography visit the website ~

Saturday 19 November 2011

From The Vaults of The Victorian Vampire Society

A selection of Images from the online gallery of The Victorian Vampire Society UK.

To see many many more go to ~

Raphael Kirchner

Federico Castellon 

Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat

Felicien Rops

Ioana Jester

Ambroise Frédeau

August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck

August Bromse

Ernst Fuchs

Julius Klinger

Austin Osman Spare


Julien Adolphe Duvocelle

František Koblíha

All Images © their respective creating artists as named beneath the image.

Shared with Thanks from The Victorian Vampire Society UK

Friday 11 November 2011

Ciclul Labirintul : Marcel Chirnoaga


Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.

Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.

Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.

Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.

Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.


Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.

Daca faceti clic aici se inchide.

All images © Marcel Chirnoaga

Posted with Thanks to Andreea Balcan