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The Reptile & Countess Dracula : Hammer Double Bill


The Reptile (1966)

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When his brother Charles Spalding mysteriously dies, Harry Spalding and his wife Valerie decide to move to the inherited cottage in a small village in the country. They are coldly received by the locals, with the exception of the bartender and owner of a pub Tom Bailey, who welcome them. His weird neighbor Dr. Franklyn, who lives with his beautiful daughter Anna, tries to persuade them to sell the house and leave the place, but the couple decides to stay. Harry and Valerie find that the locals are being killed by some snake and they feel threatened. When Anna asks for help and they trespass Dr. Franklyn's house, they find the horrible truth hidden in the place.


Countess Dracula (1971)

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Countess Dracula is a 1971 Hammer horror film based on the legends surrounding the "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Báthory. It is in many ways atypical of Hammer's canon, attempting to broaden Hammer's output from Dracula and Frankenstein sequels. The film was produced by Alexander Paal and directed by Peter Sasdy, Hungarian émigrés working in England. 

House of Hammer


House Of Hammer Magazine (Halls of Horror) - Issue 22 (1981)

House Of Hammer Magazine  (House Of Horror) - Issue 19 (1981)

House Of Hammer Magazine  (Halls Of Horror) - Issue 23 (1982)

House Of Hammer Magazine - Issue 5 (1977)

Happy Halloween!! And Happy Birthday to The Art of the Beautiful~Grotesque!!

Covers and inner art from  House of Hammer  and Halls of Horror magazine (art mainly br Brian Lewis)