Thursday, 28 February 2013

Death of the Beautiful~Grotesque?

The Posterous blogging platform and therefore Art of The Beautiful~Grotesque is due to be permanantly closed down on April 30 2013 and all content will be deleted.

I am attempting to transfer all material posted here to another blogging platform (though am currently facing technical details with the process - if I manage, I will update this post with the new web address).

Any new blog may however be an archive of previously posted material, as though I am not fully decided, I think that now, for a number of reasons may be an apt time for me to retire from all wider art blogging. (Though I will still maintain on occassion new posts of my own artwork and photography at )

Hope you have enjoyed the images and movies etc posted on the Art of the Beautiful~Grotesque and Thank You for your visits. Until April 30, please continue to revisit your favourite posts and download any images you particularly may like whilst there is still chance.

If an archive blog does get created, I will post the details here before the Posterous closure.

Cheers and all the Best ~





  1. Your blog has been a real eye opener many thanks for keeping it up as long as you did .. I was an avid reader good luck with your future projects.

  2. It makes me very sad to learn that this blog will discontinue. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing the fascinating images here (the title is very apt!), and I want to thank you for putting in the effort that you have to provide me all of the enjoyment that you did. I hope it will continue in some form in the future.

  3. This has been a really great blog. I've seen many great works of art that I had not seen before. I thank you for all of the work you've put into this. I thought that the blogspot blog was already a seperate thing. I guess it's a feed from the posterous? IDK how these things work. I've preferred the blogspot version. Anyway, thanks again!

  4. But I just discovered your wonderful blog! I must make haste and go through each lovely post. Thanks for this blog and best of luck in the future.

  5. Hi ~ Thanks for the comments.
    Will find out tomorrow if this blogspot remains as an archive or will disappear with the Posterous feed.

    Either way there will be no further posts as the Art of the Beautiful~Grotesque - instead some of the same content has been reposted as well as material I have not previously posted at three new Tumblrs - please visit at -

    Thanks and Best Wishes
    (Art of the Beautiful~Grotesque)

  6. also - for photography stuff
    @~ :)

  7. glad I went hunting through my blog list, havent checked it for awhile. all the best with the new tumblr accounts.