Monday 13 December 2010

The Art of Dr Steg & Stegorek

Video created by Phil Smith : Artwork from  Dr Steg . Some of this material was made in collaboration with artists such as Andy Paciorek, Carlito Juanito & pStan Batcow (who also was solely responsible for some of the sculptures in the Gallarage). Materials come from the Steg exhibition at Supercollider, Blackpool, 2010; Steg's Gallarage 2010; Ceramic Hobs gig live paintings; ye olde Steg comix etc. Start exploring Steg's work at

Stegorek is the mutant hybrid spawn of Dr Adolf Steg and Andy Paciorek. It is a deranged art organism that spews forth drawings, paintings comics and montage things. 
It sometimes absorbs other artists such as pStan Batcow, Carlito Juanito, Cra
yola Summers, Tony Trowbridge,  and others. Collectively this raggle-taggle rabble of racoon-like ruffians form THE PRE-STEGOREK BROTHERHOOD.

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