Saturday 2 April 2011

Books in Planning / Production

The following books are in the planning or production stages with intention of future publication - keep watching the skies.

Illustrations below are inclusions, not finished cover artwork.

All images © Andy Paciorek




Title: Beautiful~Grotesque- the Art of Andy Paciorek

Synopsis: A selection of monochrome images by Andy Paciorek from numerous different projects. 


no image available as yet

Title: Black Earth - A Field-Guide to the Slavic Otherworld

Synopsis: Second in the proposed Otherworld Guides series. An illustrated compendium of many entities and Beasts from Central/East European Slavic myth and folklore. approx 150 -200  monochrome illustrations intended.




Title: Creatures of Night and Shadow

Synopsis: A lyrical narrative study of darker entities from world mythology and folklore written by Dr Karl Shuker. Approx 50 full-colour illustrations by Andy Paciorek.




Title: The Human Chimaera - Sisdeshow Prodigies & Other Exceptional People

Synopsis: A lyrical history of real people whom fate cast into the public eye because of their physical differences. Written by Dr Karl Shuker. Approx 110 monochrome images by Andy Paciorek


Further book projects and illustrations for book projects by other authors are also in early day discussions.

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