Thursday 23 June 2011

The Exquisite Corpses of McKain, Dumaine, Singla & Associates

Exquisite Corpse: A single piece of art (frequently a drawing, painting or 2D digital work) created by two or more artists, with the subsequent creators not seeing the parts already completed.

Janelle Mckain + 1+2) Richard A Kirk 3) Otto Rapp 4) Benjamin Otero 5) Deborah Valentine


Janelle Mckain + 1+2) Joseph Larkin 3+4) Sheela Singla 5) Joe Mac Gown 6) Neil Dring


Janelle Mckain + Bernard Dumaine 


Bernard Dumaine + Sheela Singla

Bernard Dumaine + 1+2) Joseph Larkin 3+4) Pinina Podesta 5) Caroline Wodjak 6) Elisabeth Matard


Bernard Dumaine + Karena Karras

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Bernard Dumaine + 1+2) Ryan Thornburg 3) Fatima Azimova 4+5) Hector Pineda

Bernard Dumaine + 1+2) Zachary Cain 3) Neil Dring 4) Barcel Bakker 5) Toni Haring 6) Deborah Valentine


The book 'Miximages' the exquisite coprses of Bernard Dumaine & Colleagues is avalable now from

Bernard Dumaine

Janelle McKain

Sheela Singla -

Karena A Karras -

Joseph Larkin -

To see further work by other collaborators included in this post -


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