Sunday 25 March 2012

Visions of Chimaera & Sphinx : Various artists

'And in the silence followed the marvelous dialogue of the Chimera and the Sphinx; it was recited in deep guttural tones which were at first raucous, then turned shrill and unearthly.'

"... New perfumes I seek, stranger flowers I seek, pleasures not yet discovered."

JK Huysmans ~ from  A Rebours

Louis Welden Hawkins

Last Days of Chimera
© Breck Outland -2012

Gustave Moreau

© Paul Rumsey

Jacek Malczewski

Nikolai Kalmakoff

John Singer Sargent

Alexandre Seon

Jean Louis Desprez

Bernard Picart

Chimera of Arezzo

© Oleg Yahnin

Frantisek Dritkol

Franz Von Stuck

Valere Bernard

Felicien Rops

Elihu Vedder

Frantisek Bilek

Susan Seddon Boulet

Frantisek Kupka

Jan Toorop

Alfred Kubin

Francois Xavier Fabre

Gustave Dore

Gustav Adolf Mossa

Fernand Khnopff

Andy Paciorek

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