Tuesday 10 April 2012

Reflective Collaboration I : Wolik ~ Rapp. The Bogomil Variations

The Quarternity Aspects of Art may further reflect the alter ego. A collection of digital reflection montages created by Michael Wolik from Otto Rapp’s artwork. These montages are created by reflecting art, without layering or filter manipulations. 

Fomorii Aliens | graphite drawing by Otto Rapp

Variations by Wolik ~ Rapp

Bogomil Variation II 

Bogomil Variation III - "Bogomil's Mirror" 

Bogomil Variation IV 

Bogomil Variation V

Fomorii Interior | graphite drawing by Otto Rapp

Bogomil Variation VII

Offspring of Tiamat | The Fomorii Union - painting by Otto Rapp

Bogomil Variation XIII 

Bogomil Variation XIV

To see morehttp://www.mfwolik.com/the-bogomil-variations/

All images © Otto Rapp  + Michael F. Wolik





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