Tuesday 10 July 2012

La Petite Mort : Love, Sex & Death in Art

* Note: Images and the embedded movie 'Kissed' in this post deal with adult themes of a taboo nature. View at own discretion*

The dead person who loves will love forever and will never be weary of giving and receiving caresses.

Ernest Jones, On the Nightmare


Matthias Grunewald

James Jean

Frederic Leighton

Alfred Kubin

Felicien Rops

Gunther Von Hagen

J.M. Nicolet

Ary Scheffer

Marianne Stokes


Eduard Chimot

Cornelius Ritter Von Max

Santiago Caruso

Edvard Munch

Jan Saudek

Marek Kukla


Egon Schiele

from Shadow comics

P.J. Lynch

William Dyce

Alphonce Inoue


Ron Reeder

August Bromse

Frantisek Drtikol

Max Klinger

Noel Rockmore

Jeremy Enecio

Adolf Hering

Hiroshi Hirakawa

Sam Thomas

Takato Yamamoto


Kissed (1996) : Directed by Lynne Stopewich

Over the years, a child's romantic ideals about death blossom into necrophilia, the study of embalming and the most profound relationship of her life.

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If a group of Zombies met a group of Necrophiliacs ...who would do the chasing?? 



  1. i can't find any contact methods, so i'm posting here: keep this blog up. i just found you and i'm slowing working backwards through all your posts, more and more impressed not just with the quality of obscure artists, but the volume of each of their work and annotated references encouraging hours of rabbit-hole tra-la-la-offs on new learning adventures. there are some good art blogs out there, but this has to be top-tier. really good stuff. hope you know it's appreciated.

  2. Fascinating collection of images illustrating the connections between love, death and sex. They have inspired me to write a blog on Death and the Maiden.