Tuesday 7 August 2012

Petals of Morpheus and Hypnos: Various Artists & Poets

Even the scarlet flowers of passion seem to grow in the same meadow as the poppies of oblivion. 

Oscar Wilde


Thomas Cooper Gotch

“Let but my scarlet head appear And I am held in scorn; Yet juice of subtile virtue lies Within my cup of curious dyes.”

Christina Rossetti

Evelyn de Morgan

“Gentle sleep! Scatter thy drowsiest poppies from above; And in new dreams not soon to vanish,"

Horatio Smith


Pierre Narcisse-Guerin

“We are slumberous poppies, Lords of Lethe downs, Some awake and some asleep, Sleeping in our crowns. What perchance our dreams may know, Let our serious may know."

Leigh Hunt

John William Waterhouse

“The poppy opes her scarlet purse of dreams.”

Scharmel Iris

William E. Reynolds Stephens

"For happy hours the Rose will idly blow-- The Poppy hath a charm for pain and woe.” 

Mary A. Barr

Alphons Mucha

“Through the dancing poppies stole A breeze most softly lulling to my soul.” 

John Keats

Balthasar Beschey


“Visions for those too tired to sleep, These seeds cast a film over eyes which weep.” 

Amy Lowell


Jessica Wilcox Smith


Simeon Solomon

"Your ghost will walk, you lover of trees, (If our loves remain) In an English lane, By a cornfield-side a-flutter with poppies"

Robert Browning

Frank Cadogan Cowper

Jean Bernard Restout

Rodney Wood

Jacob de Gheyn III

Leon Commere

Muntz Lyall

(after) Giulio Carpioni

Elihu Vedder

George Frederick Watts

Claude Monet

Gustav Klimt

Emile Vernon

Grace Joel

Daniel Ridgeway Knight

Herbert Gustave Schmalcz 

Vincent Van Gogh

Kaoura Kawano

Odilon Redon

Camillo Giovanni

Ivan Ripley

Pal Merse Szinyei

Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Charles Santore

Carlos Schwabe

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