Sunday 16 September 2012

Reflective Collaboration IV : Wolik ~ Paciorek : Chimaeric Mirrors

Pupilla: The image of the self that one sees reflected in the eye of another.

A selection of digital reflection montages created by Michael Wolik from Andy Paciorek's artwork. These montages are created by reflecting art, without layering or filter manipulations. 

Chimaeric Mirror 6 : Semargl Variation

Chimaeric Mirror 1: Belebog~Chernebog Variation

Chimaeric Mirror 5: Devana Variation IV

Chimaeric Mirror 8. Svarog variation II

Chimaeric Mirror 9: Stones of Pestilence variation I

Chimaeric Mirror 11: Song of the Afternoon variation

Chimaeric Mirror 12: The Cracked Bell Variation

Chimaeric Mirror 16: Lament of an Icarus Variation II 

Chimaeric Mirror 18: Prayer of a Pagan Variation II

All images © Wolik~Paciorek:

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