Monday 14 January 2013

Pigeons From Hell


"Pigeons from Hell" is a short story by Robert E. Howard written in late 1934 and published posthumously by Weird Tales in 1938. Adapted in 1961 for an episode of Thriller. Directed by John Newland. With Boris Karloff, Brandon De Wilde, Crahan Denton, Ken Renard. Adapted into a graphic novel in 1988 by Joe R. Lansdale, Nathan Fox and Dave Stewart

Set in the deep south, Pigeons tells the story of a damned house with a wicked past whose vile form casts a shadow of death on all who dare to enter. At dusk, as the sun slumps below the horizon, scores of pigeons can be seen flocking from the house in waning sunlight. The pigeons, they say, are the souls of the damned escaping from the very bowels of Hell itself. The story title derives from an image present in many of Howard's grandmother's ghost stories, that of an old deserted plantation mansion haunted by ghostly pigeons.

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