Wednesday 10 November 2010

The Alien Zoo of Dr. Shuker

"So if the weather outside is wet and windy, or even if it's fine but you've nowhere exciting to go, how would you like to visit a mesmerising realm of monsters and mystery beasts from the comfort and safety of your own armchair?" ... invites the cover of 'Karl Shuker's Alien Zoo', a collection of updated and expanded articles from the pages of the esteemed journal of strange phenomena, Fortean Times. It is an invitation to spend time in the company of many mysterious creatures from Winged Cats to Water Goblins, from Jellyfish to Jackalopes and much more besides, illustrated throughout with numerous illustrations (many rare or previously unpublished) by various different artists including John Audubon, Ernst Haekel and these following images by me. 

Images by Andy Paciorek.

'Karl Shuker's Alien Zoo'

Visit the Blog of Dr. Karl Shuker, Zoologist and Author

Fortean Times : The Journal of Strange Phenomena

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