Saturday 13 November 2010

Pipe Dreams

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]by N.C Wyeth

The benefit or detriment to creativity via the use of psychoactive substances has long been a matter of debate, and one that the Wellcome Collection has addressed in its new exhibition.  (11 November 2010 to 27 February 2011)

For further details about the Wellcome Collection

Regardless of whether the substances themselves have fuelled or dampened  artistic expression, the culture of drugs has (with or without ingestion) certainly provided subject matter for numerous artists as shown in the following selection of images (not specifically from the Wellcome Collection).

[[posterous-content:pid___1]]Opium dreams by Atilla Sassy (to see more )

[[posterous-content:pid___2]]by Charles Delort

[[posterous-content:pid___3]]by Nicola Forcella

[[posterous-content:pid___4]]by Fabbio Fabbi


by Jean Lecomte du Nouy


by Patrick Woodroffe

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